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In-flight traffic alerting

Monitors traffic from multiple sources

Provides visual and audible traffic alerts

Works standalone or with your EFB



AvTraffic monitors traffic from multiple sources and provides visual and audible alerts. *

"Traffic, 10 o'clock same level, 2 miles"

AvTraffic merges -

  • ADS-B traffic from an optional ADS-B traffic receiver (Stratus, SkyEcho etc)
  • ADS-B traffic and Mode-S only traffic using multilateration (MLAT) from ADS-B Exchange
  • gliders from The Open Glider Network
  • other AvTraffic users

- and continuously monitors the combined results for potential conflicts.

Even if you already have ADS-B in, AvTraffic comprehensively shows additional traffic from the sources shown above.

Best of all, AvTraffic is designed to work with your favourite EFB app and show the combined traffic on the EFB map view. Traffic is sent in background using the GDL90 protocol. *

Download AvTraffic today, and spread the word - the more pilots using AvTraffic the better!

* subscription required (1 month free trial)


ADS-B and MLAT traffic courtesy of ADS-B Exchange.

Glider traffic courtesy of the Open Glider Network.

Please visit their websites and consider hosting a feeder if coverage is not available in your area.

Weather data courtesy of NOAA Aviation Weather Centre.


Avtraffic can feed traffic information to any EFB that supports external GDL90 traffic receivers including -

  • AirMate
  • Air Nav Pro
  • AvPlan EFB
  • FlyQ
  • ForeFlight
  • Garmin Pilot
  • OzRunways
  • SkyDemon

"I use AvTraffic constantly in my work as an examiner for all fixed wing licences and ratings." — John, Australia.

"Thank you for your attention in answering me very quickly." — Rodolfo, Mexico.

"AvTraffic alerted me to a conflict with a P51 Mustang that I was otherwise unaware of." — Laurie, Australia.


Jun 16 2024 - V6.4

This release affects some aspects of how annunciations are handled. Details here.


AvTraffic was developed by Tailwind Software in Queensland, Australia.

We produce mobile apps for the general aviation community.

Please visit our website at for more about our other apps.

View the AvTraffic privacy policy here.

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