Mar 22 2024 - Server Outage

The server will be down for an upgrade March 22 from 11:00Z for approximately 2 hours. ADS-B traffic will continue during this period.


The server is now running again after an outage of about 22 hours. This also affected the ability to send and receive support emails. The extended outage was due to a fault in our service provider's infrastructure.

Please accept our apologies for the extended outage.

Feb 17 2024 - V6.2

Fix to Possible Loss of Traffic Feed

This fixes an issue for premium users where the EFB status can show as 'inactive' and the GDL90 status as 'stopped' immediately after AvTraffic is launched.

This only happens occasionally but results in traffic not being fed to your EFB and traffic not being received from your GDL90 device if you have one.

It has become more apparent just recently and has affected many users.

Please upgrade to version 6.2 as soon as possible to avoid this issue.

With older versions you can work around this problem as follows -

  • go to the System Status view and check your EFB Connection status
  • if it shows 'inactive', close the System Status view and select standby mode
  • close AvTraffic and re-open
Traffic View Screen Layout

The Traffic view has had some minor adjustments to the layout and the tap actions have been made more responsive.

The headings are now fixed in place while scrolling.

Feb 04 2024 - V6.1

New Toolbar

The Traffic View has been decluttered by moving all the buttons to a dedicated toolbar.

Further decluttering is available via four display options that now allow you to show or hide airports, tracks, the altitude/speed display and the trip meter.

GDL90 Users

GDL90 users (SkyEcho and the like) will now see a warning status if there is no Wi-Fi and you are in active mode, that is intending to fly.

Previously, this condition was considered to be normal and showed a green status.

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