Aug 22 2021: V5.1

Summary of what's new.

  • Add "Show Tracks" setting.
  • Register "avtraffic://" as a launch URL so other apps can launch AvTraffic.
  • Add FlyQ EFB and SkyDemon as selectable EFBs for auto launch.

When the "Show Tracks" setting is switched on all targets show their track. When switched off, a track is only shown for a target if it is selected by tapping on it. The default is off.

The launch URL allows third party apps or a URL embedded in an email or text message to launch AvTraffic. Try entering "avtraffic://" into Safari.

While SkyDemon has been added to the list of supported EFBs for auto launch, at this time it is not implemented in SkyDemon. Any SkyDemon users that would like this feature to work are encouraged to contact SkyDemon and ask them to register the url "skydemon://" to their app.

Jul 23 2021: How to reset a password

New FAQ created explains what to do if you've forgotten your password.

Forgot Password FAQ

All FAQs

Jul 11 2021: Using the Right Mode

Use Active Mode When Flying.

Just a reminder that when you use AvTraffic while flying, don't forget to select the aircraft you're flying and select active (ACT) mode.

Use the toolbar buttons at the top right to select your aircraft and mode. Refer to the app's Help tab for more.

If you have a second device, make sure it's in standby (SBY) mode.

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