AvTraffic Privacy Policy

AvTraffic does not collect any personal information about you.

AvTraffic does require access to your precise location in order to provide the traffic information service.

AvTraffic also requires access to devices on the local network in order to feed traffic to your compatible EFB app or access portable ADS-B receivers.

For each device, the aircraft's callsign, type and last known position are sent securely to our server where it is distributed to other app users for its intended purpose of providing the traffic information service.

Unlike flight tracking apps, it does not record a track log.

For each flight you make when in active mode, it records the start and end location plus the start and end time and the distance travelled. Flight records are used to facilitate the history view.

You can sign in with your email address. This is only used to link your devices and is optional.

This information is held securely on our server and will never be made available to third parties.