AvTraffic History


I got the idea for AvTraffic in early 2017 when I was part of a group of four aircraft flying in company for a $100 breakfast.

Two of us were using AvPlan and two OzRunways so each of us could only see one other.

It just seemed logical to write a standalone app that would provide the same traffic sharing system as the existing EFBs but be completely independent and available for all of us to use.

Towards the end of 2017, I had my first version up in the Apple app store.

Now, when the four of us go for a $100 breakfast, we can all see each other.


Quite early on I set up a Facebook page and I post random items there. If you like the app, follow the AvTraffic Facebook page to help spread the word further.

EFB Integration

Interestingly, the idea of feeding traffic information from AvTraffic to OzRunways and AvPlan (or other EFBs) was an afterthought. The feed only happens locally on the device you're using in flight and displays AvTraffic users directly on your EFB alongside the EFB's native traffic and in the same style.

If you run OzRunways, you will see AvTraffic and OzRunways traffic combined.

If you run AvPlan, you will see AvTraffic and AvPlan traffic combined.

Effectively, it can appear as though AvPlan can see OzRunways and vice versa.

Non EFB Users

Some pilots don't run an EFB and have integrated charts on EFIS displays or simply go flying without their iPads or don't turn them on or don't have a SIM card. If you have an iPhone, you can still be seen with AvTraffic.

In addition, parachutists, hang glider pilots and others can use AvTraffic. Theoretically, even drones could use it. You just need to have an iPhone with cellular access on you at the time. And the app needs to be running in active mode.


An Android project is underway but is some way off yet. Stay tuned for more news.