Frequently Asked Questions
I'm running AvTraffic with my EFB but I'm not seeing extra traffic.

Check the EFB status by tapping the status button (green circle, warning or error symbol) on the bottom right of the traffic view.

Under "EFB Connection", it should show "Sending traffic (n)" where "n" is the number of targets being sent.

The most common reason for AvTraffic not sending traffic data to the EFB is that you are in standby (SBY) mode.

Enter your aircraft details and make sure it's selected.

Make sure the mode is active (ACT).

Check these two things on the right of the title bar on the traffic view. You should see your callsign next to the mode button.

For iOS 14, check "Local Network" under Privacy/Settings. Both your EFB app and Avtraffic need permission to access this in order to send and receive traffic between each other.

Additional requirements for OzRunways -

  • requires one of the Premium subscriptions (IFR or VFR) to enable traffic from an external device including AvTraffic.
  • GDL90 must be enabled (see Settings/Device Options).
I'm running AvTraffic with OzRunways. What extra traffic will I see?

AvTraffic shows ADS-B, Gliders and its own users. Having integrated to OzRunways you will see all this on OzRunways plus its users of course.

However, if nearby AvPlan users aren’t running AvTraffic you won’t see them.

Having said that, the AvTraffic user base is steadily growing and you should see more AvTraffic users in the future. In the meantime you will still benefit from seeing the ADS-B and glider traffic.

I'm running AvTraffic with AvPlan. What extra traffic will I see?

AvPlan already displays ADS-B and gliders as well as its own users.

Integrating with AvTraffic will show you other AvTraffic users not on AvPlan.

Oops, I forgot my password

If you've already signed in to one device, just go back and enter another password. That will reset it.

You should then be able to use the new password on your other devices.

Note that after you've signed in you can also change your email address as well as your password. The changes will be reflected across all devices. Use the refresh button if necessary.

FYI, passwords are hashed in the server. It's impossible to recover a forgotten password.

I'm seeing the message "AvTraffic Slow", what does it mean?

During normal operation, AvTraffic connects to the AvTraffic server, ADS-B Exchange's server and the Open Glider Network server to collect traffic info.

If one or more of these servers hasn't responded by the time the next call is due, AvTraffic displays the "slow" message.

This is normally due to poor cellular coverage and should clear when coverage improves.